The Order of Marius

The Order of Marius is a church that has gained a large influence in the continent of Anhu over the last century.


According to the Marian teachings, the prophet Marius was born to a priestess of a secluded clan around 500 years ago. They say that his father was divinity itself, though some groups of Marians hold this to be a symbolic statement within their faith.

As told in the Theoconicus, Marius was wise from a young age, and was a polarizing figure among those he met. Some drove him from towns, calling him a blasphemous aberration, while others welcomed his humble wisdom.

He is quoted often from the Theoconicus as saying: “The way the world follows now is blind. For in One Way, there is light that reveals to us all.”

He is said to have taught of the “One Way.” Quoted again as saying: “There is great purity of heart in he who sees the Way, but he who does not see is in danger of falling.”

Marius had a few close friends, called his five brothers who are said to be the original recorders of his words.

When Marius had lived 40 years, he began a journey west from which he never returned. It is said: “And signs in the stars above the setting sun told us: though Marius has walked to the sun as it sets, he has risen with it at dawn and ascended to his place in the heavens.”

It wasn’t for another hundred years that small monasteries were devoted to Marius’s teachings. They were isolated and had little interaction with the public outside of charity for the sick and poor.

It was 200 years ago that the Order itself was formed, though it remained small. 100 years ago, the Order was reformed into its current structure, and has spread rapidly through Anhu.


The Marians holy text is the Theoconicus, from which they derive their practices. They believe that their’s is the only true religion, and that all who oppose it are in danger of damnation. They believe that their god (who they call Eiyah or simply God) is the true god and that all others are false gods born of evil intent. Marians cannot deny the works done in the name of other gods, but say that the true power is from Eiyah, and using it in another god’s name is blasphemy.

One of the most obvious tenets of The Order’s faith is the belief that Magic has a profound effect on the moral soul. They believe that one who is not devoted to the purity of the one way puts himself in danger of corruption and ultimately damnation by using magic. For this reason, any town that the Order has taken a foothold in the government of, forbids magic not ordained by the Order.

The Order of Marius

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