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  • Dunnport

    Dunnport is the major hub for ships that travel from the southern countries on the lush northern continent of [[Agrea]] to the harsh desert continent of [[Anhu]]. It bustles with merchants, fisherman, and even visiting nobles, from many races and lands.

  • Agrea

    Agrea is the lush northern continent that technically shares a connected landmass with the desert continent of [[Anhu | Anhu]]. The forests in the Northeast house the homelands of the Elves, Fae, Gnomes, and other magically inclined creatures. The …

  • Anhu

    Anhu is the harsh southern continent that shares its landmass with the continent of [[Agrea | Agrea]]. Mountains that run through the northern most part of Anhu and the southern most part of Agrea are home to the southern Dwarves. They are more social …

  • Ben-Ehleel

    Ben-Ehleel is one of the most prominent cities on the continent of [[Anhu | Anhu]]. It serves as a destination for travelers, a trading hub for gold, and the location of one of the largest cathedrals dedicated to [[The Order of Marius]]. [[File:361233 …

  • Thenogenn

    Thenogenn is a city in a small fertile region on the eastern coast of [[Anhu]]. The city was once a small farming community, but since it became the center of [[The Order of Marius]] 100 years ago, it is a far more urban area.

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